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About GoodLife Fitness at Home

Welcome to GoodLife Fitness at Home – an online World of Exercise with the distinct purpose of getting people physically active and helping them stay active.

GoodLife Fitness at Home represents a 21st century outreach for those who want to get in shape and need the flexibility, efficiency and motivational tools that only a digital platform can provide.   At no cost to our members, guided exercise is only a click away and the GoodLife Fitness at Home exercise universe is fully accessible wherever you have a computer with an internet connection.

Moreover, members can socialize and share their goals and success stories. Most importantly, members are held accountable to the goals they set for themselves by utilizing online tracking tools and the encouragement of their new-found friends.



For obvious reasons, globesity is on the worldwide agenda of our countries’ leaders and health care professionals.  Combating the way of the sedentary lifestyle - and thereby reducing the financial burden placed on our health care systems - is a war that must be waged.  Any means of attacking globesity head-on will prove invaluable. 

Our weapon of choice:

Our vision is to raise the level of health and well-being on a global scale, by increasing the number of people who exercise regularly.



We at GoodLife Fitness at Home strongly believe that enhancing the quality of people’s lives through exercise is a value-creating process. We decided to team up with our friends at GoodLife Fitness at to make this possible.  GoodLife Fitness at Home (short for World of Exercise) is the brainchild of Founder and CEO, Rasmus E. Ingerslev.

Team GoodLife Fitness at Home is in no short supply of industry experience. Cumulatively speaking, their core team members and Board of Directors bring more than 100 years of senior level management fitness industry involvement to the table.

The GoodLife Fitness at Home Team is headed by Chairman of the Board Frank J. Napolitano and CEO Rasmus E. Ingerslev.

Frank J. Napolitano is currently the CEO and President of GlobalFit, the largest provider of health, fitness and wellness benefits to major US corporations and insurers.  Frank has been in the health club industry since 1984, latest as Chief Strategy Officer at Town Sports International Inc.  Additionally, Frank is Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Club Reality Group, LLC, owners of leisure real estate.  Further, he is a member of the Board of Directors and past President of IHRSA, which is the largest and only worldwide association for the health and fitness club industry.

Rasmus E. Ingerslev has several years of senior management experience within the health club industry.  In 2001, Rasmus co-founded fitness dk, which under his leadership grew into the largest fitness chain in Denmark with more than 120,000 members.  Rasmus was honored with the European Club Leadership Award in 2007 (IHRSA) and was in 2008 a top five nominee for the Danish leader of the year award.  He is a member of IHRSA’s European Council.

The remaining members of the Board of Directors count David Patchell-Evans (GoodLife Fitness, Canada), Steven L Schwartz (TCA Holdings and MidTown Athletic Clubs) and Paul J. Kuebler (Golds Gym, Russia, Iberia, Eastern and Central Europe).

Besides the Board of directors the CEO has an active Advisory Board with complementary backgrounds within exercise TV/Media, Internet, legislation and strategy, as well as several years of senior level business experience. 

GoodLife Fitness at Home is infact a health club, though their self defined category ‘fitness 2.0’ since they have combined the best of traditional health clubs and web 2.0. We are members of IHRSA, the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, and work closely with the "brick and mortar" health club operators to keep their members motivated and active, as does GoodLife Fitness at Home.



GoodLife Fitness at Home Highlights

  • High-quality exercise videos- Free of charge in exchange for viewing 3rd party advertising.
  • Time Efficiency- Spend your time exercising, not traveling to a facility or waiting for class to start.  Exercise whenever and wherever you wish.
  • Privacy- Exercise alone in your pajamas or exercise with friends.
  • Motivation- Encouragement from  Instructors and fellow members along with visual representation of your progress.
  • Community- Get involved with social forums, groups and challenges.
  • Marketplace- Purchase products and gear to assist you with your healthy lifestyle.

Many sites have attempted to include some of the above features, but none have managed to provide as comprehensive an approach to achieving member retention and satisfaction.  At GoodLife Fitness at Home, we are putting these pieces of the puzzle together in a way that we strongly believe will get more people engaged in regular physical exercise for life!

We look forward to the never ending pursuit of actualizing our vision and we will constantly develop new features and enhanced capabilities based on the feedback we’ve received from our members. As the GoodLife Fitness at Home community grows we know that we can truly make a difference.  The idea of globesity being a thing of the past, and a zesty, physically active majority as the norm, is what motivates our team each and every day. 

We hope you’ll help us celebrate our 30th birthday by joining the fight for a healthier future.

Yours in health,
GoodLife Associates and Team GoodLife Fitness at Home